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How Xango JUICE antioxidant is useful for you?

  • strengthens the human immune system;

  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;

  • promotes better blood circulation;

  • improves brain microcirculation;

  • improves lymph circulation;

  • contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive tract;

  • has a choleretic property;

  • removes intoxication;

  • works as a diuretic;

  • has antiviral properties;

  • has antibacterial properties;

  • lowers the temperature has an analgesic effect;

  • removes inflammatory reactions in tissues, joints and bones.

What is the strength of XANGO juice?

XANGO juice is a source of antioxidants - Xanthones, which fight free radicals.

To date, scientists have discovered and studied 68 of the existing 220 xanthone in mangosteen.

Also, XANGO juice is a complex of vitamins and minerals, more than 130 biologically active substances.

To make it easier to understand what the power of XANGO juice and mangosteen is, let's deal with some important concepts - what are free radicals, antioxidants and xanthones.

Composition of XANGO Juice

XANGO Juice – it's not just mangosteen. It also includes:

  • the pulp and skin of a whole mangosteen fruit, water,

  • orange juice concentrate,

  • pear concentrate and pulp,

  • grape juice concentrate

  • pear pulp,

  • blueberry juice concentrate

  • raspberry juice concentrate

  • strawberry juice concentrate

To make it easier to understand what the power of XANGO juice and mangosteen is, let's deal with some important concepts - what are free radicals, antioxidants and xanthones.

  • cranberry juice concentrate

  • cherry juice concentrate.

Also added for taste: citric acid, natural flavors. As stabilizers: pectin and xanthone gum (antioxidants)

Who can drink juice?

The juice does not contain artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, so it can be safely consumed even by diabetics, allergy sufferers and cancer patients. Who can drink juice?

Everyone can drink juice! Children, pregnant women, mothers and fathers, grandparents, professional athletes, schoolchildren and students!

How to take Xango juice?

The Xango company does not give any special recommendations for taking juice, and only reminds that this is a juice, not a medicine. No matter how much you drink it, with you

everything will be fine, unless you have some diseases of the urinary system.

We recommend that you do a survey with our specialist to find the right regimen for you. This question is individual. Some drops, some a teaspoon, and some a tablespoon. This frequency is important, since xanthonium works in your body for 4-5 hours, and in order to have a good effect, we recommend 3 times a day. The first month diluted with water 1 to 3 and preferably after a meal after 30 minutes.

Company recommendations:

  • Drink XANGO juice 3 times a day, 30 ml. In order to drink delicious juice, you can drink as much as you want. And for a therapeutic effect, this is enough, since xanthones (the most useful substances) are absorbed by the body within 4-5 hours in small quantities. Everything else the body will simply bring out.

  • Take juice for at least 3 months! This recommendation is given based on human physiology. Approximately so much time should pass for the juice to reach every cell of your body and saturate it with all macro- and microelements. This recommendation is given to healthy people who drink juice for the purpose of prevention or want to increase immunity.

  • Drink the juice until you get the result, if your task is to solve a specific problem. Drink Xango always! Since Juice is a product of functional nutrition, and daily human nutrition is far from perfect, the company proposes to make this product for daily use. After the first 3-month course, you can reduce the number of doses, the main thing is to do it constantly.

  • It has been proven that vegetable fats increase the effectiveness of juice. Before you drink a serving, eat a few nuts. They will improve the absorption of xanthones by the body. You can also add 1 teaspoon flax seed oil or coconut oil. Choose which fats are suitable and comfortable for you. Some take fish oil.

Proved: "Most of the xanthones and other beneficial substances of Xango juice dissolve mainly in fats."

Instructions for taking Xango juice

This is not an official instruction for taking juice, these are our developments that we have deduced over 5 years of work in different situations.

A patient with problems of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system:

In people who have stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, increased or decreased acidity, diabetes mellitus, I have observed the appearance of heartburn, and the juice seems sour to them. In this case, DO NOT stop drinking juice, start with a smaller dosage, for example, with 1 teaspoon. You can also dilute 30 ml. juice per 0.5 liters of water.

Continue taking the juice for 1-2 weeks, let the body get used to it, and then you can gradually increase the portions.

Don't drink juice on an empty stomach. Do this during or after a meal.

Cancer patients:

You know, it is very painful, but most of all people who come to me are diagnosed with CANCER. It hurts because many are very young.

There is a scheme that is used in oncology, as an exception - 21 bottles for 21 days. This scheme has the maximum effect.

If the patient is very weak, then it must be administered slowly. Sometimes a person starts drinking 30 ml, and every day we add 10 ml. So we bring up to 1 bottle a day. After 21 days, we begin to reduce the amount of juice and bring it to 3 times a day, 30 ml each.

There were cases when relatives turned, because the patient could not even swallow. They put juice from a pipette into his nose.


Juice drink 30-50 ml. 3 times a day, in the flesh, until chemo day. After the procedure, you need to take a break for 2-3 days and then you can start drinking juice again. This is done so that the juice does not remove the medicine before it has worked.

After chemistry, taste sensations often change, they are not pleasant. Dilute the juice in water and drink throughout the day. The water will taste sour.

Pregnant women and babies:

Juice can be drunk by pregnant and lactating mothers. This will also allow you to quickly form the microflora of the child.

If a child has diathesis on sch

Echka and you are only breastfeeding him, then just drink the juice, and he will get everything he needs with milk.

If you are already giving complementary foods to your child, you can give the child as many drops of juice as he is months old. 8 months = 8 drops of juice. You can add to water or food. And the cheeks can simply be greased with juice.

Give juice to your child if he has a diarrhoea. The scheme is the same.

Children from 1 to 2 years old:

Feel free to give 1-2 teaspoons 1-2 times a day. If the child is sick, then give more.

Children from 2 years old can

Feel free to give 30 ml. juice.

Allergy children:

There is a separate article on this topic - here.

Diabetes mellitus and trophic ulcers:

These diseases are practically inseparable. For diabetics, start with a teaspoon and gradually increase. Wet-drying dressings can be applied to a trophic ulcer. Juice perfectly cleanses ulcers, and they heal quickly.

I have tried to describe in as much detail as possible about the different methods of reception in different situations. In any case, you can contact me and I will tell you how best to start drinking XANGO juice in your particular case.

Be sure to drink enough water!

Why is it important?

One of the properties of juice is the cleansing of the body. Imagine you are standing in the shower, lathered, and the water was turned off. Have you cleansed your body? Basically, the soap did its job, it pulled out all the dirt from the pores of the skin, but you are still standing in dirty foam. You can't do without water.

In the same way, only the juice works inside. It draws out everything harmful and it ends up in the blood and lymphatic vessels. And only water can wash it out. If this is not done on time, then this may affect the skin in the form of rashes, the face and legs may swell. All this suggests that the

inference ema does not work.

If you often drink coffee or green tea, then you must remember that they remove fluid from the body. Therefore, for every cup of coffee, you need to drink an additional glass of water.

How much water to drink?

For 1 kg. your weight you should drink 30 ml. water.

That is, if you weigh 80 kg. – You must drink at least 2.4 liters of water.

If you have kidney disease, check with your doctor about how much water is right for you.

And remember, no two people are the same. There are people who see the effect of taking juice in an hour, and there are those who need a week or a month. It depends on many factors: age, disease, nutrition, how mobile you are, etc.

The effectiveness of the juice and the time when it starts to work can be accelerated if you take a course of cleansing the body before or together.

75 Reasons to Drink Mangosteen Xango Juice!


  1. Strengthens the immune system. The flavonoids and flavones found in mangosteen increase the power of other antioxidants, including vitamins C and E.

  2. Xango juice removes inflammation. Helps to prevent swelling of the tissues, which leads to disease and extreme weakness.

  3. Improves intercellular exchange. Xanthones (xanthones) of mangosteen improve the exchange between cells and thus help to fight diseases, preventing their occurrence and spread. Juice accelerates the recovery and recovery processes.

  4. Xango juice reduces DNA damage. It has been proven that xanthones reduce the amount of damage caused to DNA, reduces the amount of carcinogens.

  5. Xango Juice helps the lymphatic system to eliminate cell waste.

  6. Helps optimal thyroid function.

  7. Mangosteen is known to promote insulin resistance. Xanthones can help normalize sugar levels.

  8. XanGo Juice helps reduce fat content. Existing fat can be reduced by normalizing cartisol, which stimulates the deposition of fat in various parts of the body.

  9. Juice normalizes the state of the nervous system. The anti-inflammatory and anti-neuralgic properties of mangosteen help to correct cell-level disorders caused by pain, discomfort, including the consequences caused by diabetes to the nervous system.

  10. Xango harmonizes the endocrine system. It favors a balancing effect on hormones and other neurotransmitters produced by the endocrine system.

  11. Helps the body to be in harmony. Mangosteen properties fight germs and other invaders by strengthening the immune system.

  12. Xango juice helps prevent hemorrhoids. By reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, it can act on hemorrhoids.

  13. Helps reduce the effects of hypoglycemia. Resists fatigue caused by low glucose levels.

  14. Eliminates psoriasis. The xanthones help the liver take the antidote, which is one of the causes of psoriasis.

  15. Juice promotes rapid healing of wounds and injuries.

  16. Juice reduces pain associated with carpal tunnel problem. Reduces pain in the hand and wrist by reducing inflammation.

  17. Xango juice eliminates dermatitis. The anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen neutralize the results of flaking and itching caused by this skin condition.


  1. Xango juice is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Xanthones neutralize the effects caused by free radicals, which play an important role in the inflammation process.

  2. Juice strengthens blood vessels. Improving nutrition in the cells of the body.

  3. XanGo juice lowers LDL. Since mangosteen neutralizes free radicals, it can help reduce LDL, which causes blood acidification.

  4. Juice helps to reduce blood pressure. The ability of mangosteen, which strengthens aching heart muscles and which favors weight loss, can lower blood pressure.

  5. Help that prevents arteriosclerosis. The anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen may help reduce plaque buildup on arterial septa.


  1. Xango juice helps fight diseases caused by gastric reflux. The antioxidant properties of mangosteen help to protect and even repair the damage caused by gastric outflow in the smaller part of the esophagus. It can also reduce the level of acidity.

  2. Helps heal stomach and duodenal ulcers. Xanthones kill bacteria, parasites and fungi, including H-pyloric bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

  3. Reduces irritable bowel syndrome. By blocking the accumulation of serotonin in the digestive tract, which causes irritable bowel syndrome.

  4. Xango juice helps with diarrhea. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of mangosteen help stop diarrhea.

  5. May eliminate Crohn's disease. The anti-inflammatory properties can prevent poor absorption of good nutrients and thus prevent the effects caused on the septa of the small intestine.

  6. May prevent diverticulitis. May prevent the development of infections in pockets that form on a thick wall.


  1. Xango Juice increases energy, resistance and patience. Mangosteen brings the nutrients needed for optimal energy.

  2. Reduces the effects of aging. The mangosteen nutrients have a regenerating effect and its powerful antioxidant properties help the cells to function in an optimal way.

  3. Prevents insanity and Alzheimer's disease. Mangosteen flavonoids may help slow down simple memory loss.

  4. Xango juice prevents the formation of kidney stones. The alkaline properties of mangosteen help neutralize the formation of stones (which are acidic) in the body.

  5. Prevents Parkinson's disease. The antioxidant properties of mangosteen prevent oxidation, which is a factor in the development of Parkinson's disease.

  6. Reduces arthritis pain. Anti-inflammatory results reduce pain.

  7. Juice reduces the damage caused by NSAID use. Mangosteen has been shown to naturally block H1 and H2 receptors (histamine molecules linked to allergies and stomach acid production). The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the acidity of the stomach and thus protect the septa from potential damage.

  8. Helps eye function. The ability of antioxidants, which protect cells from all damage caused by oxidation, prevents aging and disease from developing.


  1. Reduces temperature. By fighting inflammation, supporting the immune system, and hydrating, mangosteen can help fight fever.

  2. Xango juice helps with food poisoning. Xanthones can destroy "typhoid salmonella".

  3. Soothes an irritated throat. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritation.

  4. Juice is the prevention of diseases on the lips and ulcers in the oral cavity. The natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties help fight the pathogens that cause these problems, such as herpes.

  5. Fights bad breath. Antibacterial properties help fight bad breath caused by bacteria.

  6. Helps with migraines. Mangosteen has the potential to correct improper serotonin functions in the blood vessels that can cause migraines.

  7. Reduces dental disease. The anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain and inflammation.

  8. Xango juice normalizes sleep. Helps balance hormones to help balance sleep.

  9. Helps manage stress. Juice helps to normalize hormones such as cortisol, which are produced in excess during times of stress.

  10. Improves mood and reduces depression. Affects mood by regulating imbalances in brain chemicals.

  11. Support for healthy bones and joints. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen, pain and inflammation are reduced.

  12. Helps to avoid acne and skin blemishes. The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties of mangosteen help prevent and treat skin problems.

  13. Helps with insect bites, burns and contact with poisonous plants. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties of mangosteen, swelling and pain are reduced.

  14. Soothes the muscles of tired legs or tense tendons. The juice can be applied topically in a light massage to relieve pain.

  15. Xango juice eliminates stomach pains. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties reduce stomach pain caused by infections and bacteria.

  16. XanGo juice helps with bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. Mangosteen has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can reduce infections and lung diseases.

  17. Unloading. Anti-inflammatory properties help to unload (relax) the body.


  1. XanGo juice prevents male infertility. Strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can counter infertility caused by stress, pollution, and free radicals.

  2. Helps prevent prostate enlargement. The antioxidant properties of mangosteen xanthones are a very good weapon to counter prostate enlargement.


  1. Eliminates urinary problems. Mangosteen skin can relieve the effects of cystitis (bladder inflammation) caused by infections, bacteria.

  2. Mild laxative result. Contrary to laxatives, which can irritate the intestines, mangosteen heals and deblocks parts of the intestine that are inflamed.

  3. Downplays SVP. Reduces symptoms of sudden mood swings and inflammation.

  4. Relieves symptoms of menopause. Relieves stress from the body and helps maintain proper estrogen levels, which slow down menopausal symptoms.

  5. Reduces swelling caused by menstruation. The anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen may counteract this undesirable outcome of SVP.

  6. Xango juice reduces the pain associated with fibromyalgia. Mangosteen proves the result by reducing neurological pain.

  7. Reduces pain associated with osteoporosis. Reduces the impact of neurological pain, which alleviates osteoporosis.


  1. XanGo juice helps relieve asthma. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties help reduce the incidence of lung infections and other lung diseases.

  2. May prevent attention deficit disorder and food allergies. Research has shown a strong link between hyperactive behavior and food allergies. Mangosteen inhibits antigens and antibodies, which reduces reactions. This can help reduce the presence of lead in children, which is associated with attention deficit.

  3. Strengthens teeth (periodontal disease) and makes bones stronger. Mangosteen contributes to the efficient conversion of sunlight into vitamin D.


  1. XanGo juice prevents gum disease. The antibacterial effect helps prevent gum disease.

  2. Fights tuberculosis. Xanthones can defeat the bacterium that causes tuberculosis.

  3. Reduces the side effects of lactose intolerance. The anti-inflammatory properties of Mangosteen can reduce side effects such as bloating and abdominal cramps.

  4. Helps prevent dysentery. It fights effectively against shigella, the bacterium that causes bacillary dysentery and amoeba, the bacterium that causes amoebic dysentery.

  5. Xango juice helps in the prevention of MS (multiple sclerosis). Balances tryptophan levels of serotonin and melatonin and helps prevent damage caused by oxidation.

  6. May counteract cancer. Xanthones have shown antitumor properties in cases of leukemia, cancer of the liver, stomach, lung and breast, and colon neoplasia.

  7. Reduces AO (ankylosing spondylitis). The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the cause of mucosal membrane perforations and enhance natural defenses.

  8. May prevent cystic fibrosis infections. Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties may prevent excess mucus found in cystic fibrosis affected individuals.

  9. Prevents symptoms associated with lupus. The anti-inflammatory properties and increased ability of the autoimmune system may help reduce the symptoms of lupus.

  10. Xango juice counteracts myasthenia gravis. May counteract the symptoms of this autoimmune disease by boosting the immune system.

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