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  • Where are your herbs from?
    We only source organic herbs, spices, seeds, plants, peels, berries, roots from trusted certified farmers and international suppliers.
  • Is there caffeine in your teas?
    We do not currently use green tea in our blends and do not use caffeine in any form in our formulas. The result of toning and an increase in energy is solely due to competent formulas and adaptogen plants..
  • Are there flavor enhancers, stabilizers and any additives?
    NO! We monitor not only the quality of raw materials, but also never add stabilizers, enhancers, sweeteners, flavors, etc. We only use live organic plants. Our goal is to bring health and benefits from the grass and plants created by the Creator. We carefully select farmers and suppliers to bring maximum benefit to our customers and loved ones.
  • How to brew?
    We recommend boiling our preparations for 1-3 minutes for greater effect. The second method is to pour boiling water into a thermos and infuse for 1-2 hours - the collection is high-quality and rich.
  • Why so expensive?
    A good product is not cheap. And herbs are a product in which huge efforts are invested: cultivation, collection, complex multi-level processing. Plus the cost of long-term storage, transportation and sale. It is much more pleasant to drink a collection that is not cheap, but good, which is also much healthier and has expressive properties. Its resource is longer - it is brewed longer, and consumption is less. Try and appreciate a good herbal tea at least once, and you will never have such questions again.
  • And this tea in the morning can be drunk with a sandwich?
    Drink to your health. Over time, having gained tea experience, you will understand what kind of tea is appropriate in a given situation. Tea is an addition to food, but often becomes a self-sufficient product. Everything has its time, place and circumstances.
  • What tea gives energy?
    Tea for the heart and blood vessels and Tea for the brain and memory, so we recommend drinking them in the morning.
  • What is the best tea to drink in the evening?
    We recommend drinking tea for cleansing at night, which is in the form of a powder, and tea Stop stress for sleep and the nervous system.
  • How to properly store tea?
    Firstly, away from extraneous odors. For example, you should not store in the kitchen, and especially next to coffee. Secondly, the container must be airtight, possibly glass. Thirdly, the storage container should be opaque or stand in a locker. So that the light does not fall directly on the fees. Fourth, room temperature is best for storage.
  • What is the expiration date?
    With proper storage, this is from several months to 2 years.
  • What is the optimal dosage?
    Average from 1 tsp. up to 1 tbsp. on the day of one collection. In some cases, up to 2 tablespoons per day. Also, with the correct selection of several fees at the same time, there can be a dose of about 2 tablespoons. Contact Ksenia Konotop +1 360-2612629 to find the right dosage or contact your specialist.
  • Is it possible to drink 2-3 collections in one day and which ones can be combined?
    Yes, but we recommend introducing it gradually from small dosages and after our cleansing course. For example: In the morning you drank tea for vessels or for memory, in the afternoon you drank tea for cleansing or gathering Oriel, Nourishing, Sun in a glass, and in the evening Stop stress or cleansing powder. They have a different action and a different target direction, these herbs complement each other.
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