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Body detoxification. Rosemary has a diuretic effect, so it helps to get rid of toxins, salt and other substances during urination.

Also, the plant helps to reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis and the rapid healing of liver damage.

Rosemary tea will not only warm you in the cold and strengthen your immune system, but will also have a beneficial effect on the body:

- relieve nervous tension and fatigue;

- eliminate headaches;

-improve blood circulation;

-Helps the digestive tract.

In addition, rosemary has antibacterial properties and is able to kill pathogenic flora in the form of yeast fungi and staphylococci.

Herbal tea from this plant will help in the fight against extra pounds, because the spice speeds up metabolism.

The composition of the medicinal herbal component is characterized by the following substances:

vitamins of groups A, B, D, E, C, K

trace elements Ca (calcium), Fe (iron), Zn (zinc), P (phosphorus)

essential oils, etc.

Tea is recommended for regular use by people engaged in active intellectual activity. The drink helps to cope with colds, relax after a hard day's work.

Scientists from the University of Maryland have proven the benefits of supplements for external beauty. So, rosemary has a beneficial effect on hair, making them stronger and shinier, and also accelerates their growth.

The skin will become noticeably better with regular use of spices. This is due to the ability of the plant to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances.

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